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Frontend-HEROES is the loose collaboration between Michiel Trimpe, Maarten van Oudenniel, Gerben Hoeve and Wilfred Nas. We have been working together on several projects and occasionally combine forces to take on bigger projects by ourselves.

So if you need some front end spice, hire Wilfred, Maarten and Michiel.We are the team responsible (alone or together) for the redevelopment of, and many other sites.

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What we do

We build websites and have been doing that for a mighty long time. Wilfred started building those things in 1995, not long there after Maarten began, and we're sure that Michiel was thinking up new programming languages by the age of 4, which is not that long ago. Meanwhile Gerben was busying himself with cutting edge graphic design, as well as dabbling in UI design.

The projects we do are as much cutting edge as we can get away with, while at the same time thinking about what the client wants ( even if they don't know that themselves ). This means we build websites in HTML5 now, while making sure that these work in the 9 years old IE6 or on a (decent) mobile phone.

We have a keen interest in and knowledge of the dutch Webrichtlijnen and strive to build websites that conform to those. Further more we strongly believe in web standards, thus providing our customers with future proof, working on more than one browser or platform, accessible and SEO friendly websites.

We use Javascript and the latest HTML5 techniques as a way to enhance the overall experience, not to hinder it. In using these techniques unobtrusively we help those with newer, better equipped browsers and not hinder people that still use IE6.

In short, we strongly believe in the open web as an accessible and user friendly platform. And we will help our customers to get such a platform for their message.

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Who we are

Maarten van OudennielMaarten van Oudenniel

Maarten is a front-end developer, who has an excellent grasp of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He has worked for clients as NOS and the ANWB as a front end developer.

Currently he is redeveloping with Wilfred

Wilfred Naswilfred nas

Wilfred is a graphical designer turned front-end developer, trainer and coach, with many years of experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He has worked for clients as ING as a Javascript trainer and coach, and the dutch police where he built a framework to be used for all internal web applications. He designed the architecture for the front end of ANWB as the front end architect.

At this time he is redeveloping the site of with Maarten

He writes about all sorts of technical stuff on and tweets a bit.

Michiel TrimpeMichiel Trimpe

Michiel is the back-end developer of the bunch. He can handle anything from JavaScript/Flash UI development to system administration but he excels at Java/J2EE backend development. Besides that, he is a developer extraordinaire keen on learning new languages. He is one of the few back-end developers who has an eye for the user experience..

Michiel has worked on sites like the ANWB, ziggo and is currently a tech lead at tomtom.

Gerben HoeveGerben Hoeve

Gerben is a graphical designer with a good understanding of both front end technology and User Interface design. He has worked for clients such as Agis as an User Interface designer and the dutch police as a web developer.

He is currently working on multiple projects, as well as designing his own Fonts and publishing those to fontstruct.

He writes about design at G-mag and speaks his mind on twitter.

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Profiles can be slightly out of date...

How to reach us

You can get in touch with the Frontend-HEROES by checking their twitter stream, or you can mail us at and you can even call us at this number : +316 2426 9159

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